April 22, 2021

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Hemp conserves water! 💦

Water... it’s a vital and limited natural resource we should all be paying attention to. Hemp is a gamechanger- it uses 50% less water than cotton. Anything cotton can do, hemp can do better!

At A.LEAF, we think it’s really cool (and sustainable 😉) that hemp is less stressful for the environment. And we think the Earth would definitely agree! That’s another reason why hemp derived CBD is the star in all our products.

Did you know that a hemp plant’s life cycle doesn’t end after CBD extraction? The hemp plant’s bio-waste can actually be sustainably recycled into a variety of products for reuse! Textiles, paper, biofuel, and hempcrete are just a few of the products demonstrating
the versatility and sustainability of the hemp plant.


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Having Bio-anxiety?

Growing hemp has many potential economic benefits. Even Forbes called industrial hemp “A Win-Win For the Economy and the Environment”!

The new & booming hemp industry contributes to the U.S. economy and creates new job opportunities. Just last year the hemp industry produced $1.1 billion in revenue 💸!
Increased consumer demand for hemp-based products like CBD oils and hemp clothing👚 creates new jobs in many sectors of the economy, from cultivation 👨🌾 to retail.

Hemp farmers can increase their profit margins 💰by reducing irrigation, pesticide, and fertilizer costs. Hemp crops may also generate a higher return on investment for farmers, compared to traditional crops like corn 🌽.



No Nasty Chemicals

Hemp can help clean up contaminated ☠ soils!
1,000s of acres of U.S. soil has become polluted with toxic chemicals & heavy metals like
lead 😟, from industrial manufacturing, toxic waste sites, and poor farming practices, to name a few sources.
But there is a light at the end of the tunnel 💡! Through a process called ‘phytoremediation’ hemp plants heal the soil as they absorb toxic chemicals & pollutants, storing them in their roots & leaves 🍃.

All of A.LEAF’s products undergo a rigorous testing process 🔎 before & after manufacture, which ensures that all of our
hemp-derived CBD products are free of any nasty chemicals!

There are so many things to discover about the benefits of hemp not only for our bodies, but also for our planet.


What We're Doing

Did you know that almost 80% of our packaging is recyclable? That's right. We have a goal to bring this up to 95% by 2022. This initiative will help reduce our brand's carbon footprint and create synergy with our mission to become a formidable sustainable brand and help people heal from the inside out. What plans do you have to help reduce your carbon footprint?

Check back later to read more on how you can reuse, recycle and refurbish your A.LEAF bottles and packaging!