January 08, 2021

Forget New Years resolutions. Let’s get in tune with New Year SOLUTIONS. Resolutions just don’t hold the same weight as they used to. Today, we just want to be healthy without the disappointments of failed end-of-year promises. 

This 2021 (and beyond), let's focus on selfcare and footcare solutions from here on out. To do that, we identified some key issues and the solutions for daily challenges. Anxiety, foot health and muscle recovery to name a few. Its not always easy to decide which solution is right for you. Especially, when trying to understand all the benefits of CBD - how can one decide what’s right for them?

We made it easy for you to make the decision on which A.LEAF product is best suited for your needs.

Anxiety/Trouble Sleeping?

Did you know that CBN is also a Cannabidiol? The process of creating CBN comes with time and the natural breakdown of raw hemp acids. Researchers claim that CBN is the most sedative of all cannabinoids, with efficacy that surpasses those of pharmaceuticals. Which could explain drowsiness some people feel when they take droppers. CBN makes our Tincture Oil Drops deliver anxiety and sleep relief. Taken with a glass of water, the bioavailability is remarkable. 


Foot Pain?

We all get it - pain in our feet. In need of a never ending foot massage? Suffering from Plantar Fasciitis or Morton’s Neuroma? Our Soothing Cream helps to combat deep aches and pain of the joints, muscles and overall foot health. Originally, we designed this formula for foot pain. However, it didn’t take long before our customers were telling us that it was great for the whole body as well. 


Need a skincare boost?

Anti-inflammatory properties found in our 2pc Breezy Facial Mask work great to soothe and restore derma issues like dry skin and acne. Simple ingredients make for a simple plan done once or twice per week as needed. You can even reuse the leftover serum as a toner for extra coverage.


Are your muscles sore?

Our customers use our Relief Roll-On for a variety of muscle aches including arthritis, muscle fatigue, post and pre workouts.  CB1 and CB2 receptors help to make the connection between CBD and our endocannabinoid system. These two types of receptors are recognized as signaling pathways for pain perception, anxiety, stress, and inflammatory response. Convenient and known as the “time saver”, the rolling action simulates deep tissue massage.


Suffering from ALL of the above?

Then there is no better way to discover all the things A.LEAF can do for you with our Premium CBD Gift Set. Packed with all the goodies of selfcare solutions, there is something for everyone. Test and try our products wherever you need relief with all our products in neat travel-sized companions. What's even better is that this set comes with our NEW Foot Sands exclusive to this gift set.

No matter your issue - A.LEAF is the solution.