July 14, 2020

We get asked all the time about the best ways to take our tinctures. The truth is that it totally depends on your needs. Here are some recommendations on how to use A.LEAF Tinctures. 

1. Dropping CBD oil under the tongue and holding it for a minute is the most common way to take CBD oils to date. Start with half a dropper first to see how it works for you before the full dropper. Follow with a glass of water. Do not use this way if you take blood thinner.

  • It has a high bioavailability. Meaning it works fast. CBD taken sublingually is one of the quickest ways to get it into your bloodstream. You can expect to start feeling effects in around 20 minutes.
  • Cost and time effective. When more of the product enters into your bloodstream, you’ll use less of it saving time and money.

2. Oils applied generously to a targeted area has its effectiveness as well. Oils do not have to be ingested. They can be applied topically as well addressing discomfort, dermal issues and more. 

  • Direct application. Women apply CBD to their abdomen area to combat PMS cramps. Massaging drops onto hands and joints work against Carpal Tunnel. Dropping onto dry skin issues, scars and minor burns offer relief of inflammation and helps to heal dry wounds.
  • Generous application can be costly, but well worth it.

If you have not tried them yet - now is the time. Boost your immunity and get a great start to the day.