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Welcome and thank you for being part of an amazing team and learning about how to increase sales of A.LEAF selfcare products in your store. Inside of this course is everything you will need and tips on selling our products. There are 8 helpful educational videos, a virtual magazine and a quiz to take.
Once you are done reviewing the videos and the product brochure, go ahead and take the test. Completing the test with 80% or above wins you a FREE selfcare product! 
NOTE: Quiz will be graded and results will be returned within 48 hours via email - if you do not receive an email within 48 hours - please contact: hello@aleafproducts.com.


Step #1: Watch the 8 helpful videos
Step #2: Review our product brochures
Step #3: Take the quiz
Step #4: Earn your selfcare kit

Now, lets get started!

Before we dive into watching these videos, take a moment to download and review the questions guide below, so that you are better prepared to take the quiz.

Need Some Inspiration? 

Download our Selfcare magazine for more tips on using CBD. Our magazine has your lifestyle in mind with travel tips, FAQ and more!
 CBD Magazine

A.LEAF Educational Videos


Key Selling Tips With Mike Berkis!


Ready To Take The Challenge???

The A.LEAF Challenge quiz is a click away. 

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