CBD Kinesiology Tape

A.LEAF Nano CBD Kinesiology Tape

A.LEAF Nano CBD Kinesiology Tape is made of breathable high quality cotton fabric that is latex-free, rubber-free and hypo-allergenic. It is the best all natural solution to pain management, providing remedies to common physical ailments. 

- Peripheral Neuropathy

- Arthritis 

- Plantar Fasciitis

- Achilles tendonitis

- Carpal Tunnel

- Muscle Sprain/Strain

The reason why it works so well is due to the nano technology embedded in the Kinesiology Tape. A conventional CBD liposome is around 1000 nanometers large. Our Nano CBD is only 25 nanometers wide. A particle of 25 nanometers penetrates the dead skin cell membrane, passing through the sweat glands and hair follicles targeting the pain where it really lies: blood vessels, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves. This is what we call a bioavailable molecule. Most topical CBD products have an optimal absorption level of only 20% and are often much lower. The bioavailability of our Nano-CBD technology sores to 90% consistently and that's a big difference! 

Kinesiology tape has been widely used by athletes to increase oxygen flow and help tired or injured muscles heal and recover more quickly. When Kinesiology Tape is combined with Nano CBD, the tape and Nano CBD work in unison by applying 2.5mg of Nano sized CBD molecules per every square inch of contact surface. The tape pulls the top most layer of the skin which creates a miniscule separation of the outer skin layer and the deeper tissue below, allowing for greater oxygen flow, reduction of inflammation and swelling, allowing a decrease in pressure on pain receptors all while keeping joints and tissues in the correct position while delivering true pain relief through the Nano CBD molecule. 

It supports a full range of motion and comfort and is designed to function through workouts and in wet environments. That means it remains on skin through sweat and moisture, rain or showers, and even dips in the pool or ocean. It lasts up to three days before reapplication and is available in precut roles, strips, and patches.