Travel-Size Tincture Oil Drops

Take our boosting Tinctures on the go! Our interest in CBD began when we noticed the results that people were getting by making extractions at home. We wanted everyone to have results like these - but with a formula that was standardized, scientific, and safe. So, we reached out to a chemist to create this quick-absorbing broad-spectrum hemp CBD tincture - without harsh chemicals, solvents or THC.

Unlike other tinctures, our formula tastes good and comes in two naturally rich flavors:  Peppermint & Cherry

  • Take with plenty of water to regulate your mood, energy, and stress levels
  • Concentrated - 166 mg CBD per bottle
  • Pure-there are only 3 ingredients in our tinctures: CBD, fractionated coconut oil (MCT), natural peppermint or cherry flavor
  • Note: We do advise to not take drops if you are using blood thinner.