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WHERE IT BEGINS - With over 50 years in the footwear industry, A.LEAF began because we listened to the stories of our colleagues, friends and families. They were suffering from foot, joint and muscle pain. We went on to learn about CBD, the hemp plant, and its whole-body healing benefits.

So, we decided to make a line of footcare & selfcare products containing healing botanicals and broad-spectrum CBD.  We’re a team made up of real people, who have a passion for helping people like you, experience the real-life difference CBD can make in health, wellness, and quality of life. We take pride in knowing that all of our products and packaging are made locally here in Southern California, USA.

We’re committed to you and hope that you will have an opportunity to experience the amazing ways our products can  soothe, restore, boost and relieve.

What is Broad Spectrum CBD?

Want to learn more about broad spectrum CBD and how it works to soothe, protect, boost and relive? Would you like to know more about how our CBD products are made? Get answers to some of the questions you may have about CBD and why we chose broad spectrum to power our products. Have a look at this page; we’ve got answers for you.

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