CBD Foot Soaks


Our four foot soaks pack is here! These 10MCG hemp-infused salts will not only make you feel refreshed but they've got antifungal properties that can help with fungal infections like candidiasis or athlete's foot.

Category: Pain, Skin



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Find your favorite scent with our 10MG hemp-infused foot soaks, which also contain Dead Sea salts. Our antifungal properties help to relieve itching and other parasitic problems associated with the feet such as ingrown nails or athlete's foot; soaking them in these refreshing waters will make you feel refreshed after a long day of work! Included are four 0.5 oz scents: mint, rose, citrus, and lavender.


  • *Soaking your feet in Foot Sands can assist with muscular pain from day-to-day activities.


  • Fill a foot basin with warm water, pop open the top and pour in some sand. Soak for 20-30 minutes.


Dead Sea Salts, Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Essential Oil (Rose, Mint, Citrus or Lavender), Broad Spectrum Cannabinoids